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Is Your Brand a “Best Kept Secret”?

Over the past 30 years, marketing has fragmented and proliferated like no other time in the
history of the world.  What was once “like shooting fish in a barrel” by using mass media has now become wrought with segmentation, channels, and delivery mechanisms.  It’s harder than ever
to be heard….

Throughout the past year, we have met with many growing entities who claim their brand/product/service is the best kept secret in their industry.  Hmmm.  This leads us to three pointed questions:

  1. Why do you believe that (do you have data to support this statement)?
  2. How much have you invested in getting the word out?
  3. Is Marketing really an organizational priority?

It’s shocking to us how many firms invest little to nothing in their external marketing efforts and are then surprised by how low their brand awareness or brand comprehension is.  We think the advent of digital and social marketing – which seems free – has led to the belief that effective marketing can be accomplished on the down low.  But it cannot.  Marketing is an important strategic function whose objective is to draw resources to the organization (financial, human, and reputational.)  Organizations who understand the value of marketing and assign resources to it never say “our brand is a well-kept secret.”

So we say to those of you with your brand light under a bushel, if you starve a plant in your garden should you expect it to flourish?  Go ahead and make marketing an organizational priority, assign resources to it and get your secret out.  We can help.