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please reach out to retired CEO Ellen Lemming at ellen@dracoslemming.com

Our Best Clients

We measure our success by our clients’ success. In a world of ever-increasing competition and proliferating communication channels, it’s harder than ever to break through. And break-throughs come from smart thinking. Listening to customers.  Valuing key constituencies. Finding the green space. Owning what is uniquely yours.  Building trust. And telling the truth. While having some fun. So who are our clients?

  • Like us, our clients are accomplished business people who specialize in marketing
  • Our clients have a business challenge that smart thinking can and will solve
  • Our clients value marketing as a front-end business function, not as a back-end tactical practice
  • Our clients “get” marketing…what it can do, cannot do and what it should do
  • Our clients know marketing is an art and a science
  • Our clients love numbers and being accountable
  • Our clients are seeking a win-win-win solution for the corporation, themselves and us
  • Our clients want a strategic partner, not an order-taker
  • Our clients are looking for a collaborative relationship
  • Our clients usually end up being real-life friends, as well as Facebook friends
  • Our clients are really nice, smart and quite awesome

We love a great intellectual challenge and that is why our clients are not specialized in one industry. We believe the principles of marketing translate across all industries because marketing is inherently based on human behavior. Whether it’s B2B, B2C or C2C in any industry, our clients are interested in what makes a person act. 

Sure, we have deep knowledge of retail, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, utilities, education and non-profits. But we treat every client challenge as profoundly unique. Previous solutions repackaged make us nauseous and really mad because they make marketing consultants look like dolts.

Lastly, our clients do not believe in the Million Dollar Binder – you know, the deliverable you will get from a Big Time Consulting Firm. Like us, our clients believe in actionable, unique, creative, measurable and implementable solutions. Our team has walked a mile in the CMO’s shoes, and we’re not about to let our clients stub, trip or fall.