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In order to address the new marketing world of C2C, Dracos~Lemming’s clients often declare: “We need to do (more) Social Media.” And our first question is always “Why? What are you trying to accomplish?” It is imperative to tie marketing activity back to your business objectives.

Our next question is “Who are your customers really?” Being able to draw a picture of a customer group using demographics (of course), psychographics, geographies, technographics, as well as attitudes and behaviors, is a crucial first step in erecting guard rails around the C2C marketing conversation.

And the last and most important question is, “How do your customers utilize social media when researching your category?” This question usually stops the “we need social media” frenzy in its tracks. Then a real conversation about social media as a productive part of a comprehensive marketing strategy can begin…

If a client has a clearly articulated business strategy for which social media is an excellent solution, then we recommend steps to effectively and efficiently deploy valuable resources into the cacophony of social media conversations.

Social media strategy? Yes, we do that.