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Impact Marketing Assessments

Dracos~Lemming launched in March of 2007 with the intention of providing differentiated marketing programs to companies seeking to grow. Then, the Great Recession hit. After listening to our customers, prospects and the marketplace, we shifted our focus to help clients right-size their marketing activities. Thus, the Impact Marketing Assessment (IMA) was born.

An IMA is an eight-week project whereby Dracos~Lemming uses a proprietary process to conduct a marketing “audit” of people, processes, planning practices, metrics and vendor relationships. We draw upon our years of walking in a CMO’s shoes to objectively examine what is working and what can be improved. We employ cultural sensitivity and interpret our learnings, so that we become a trusted, objective advisor to the enlightened CMO. If you’re wondering if your marketing operation is humming as smoothly as it could be, let us help you figure it out.